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I read somewhere that if you love different things, you should let them talk to each other and something will begin to happen. I suppose it was only natural that my enthusiasm for skincare and writing were destined to coalesce and create that something. So here we are. Welcome to my blog.

What can you expect here? Well, I talk zealously about skincare and my reviews are thorough and vivid. I like to elaborate on lush, unctuous textures and on intoxicating scents ; I meticulously scrutinise and obsess over ingredients and I share my multi faceted experience of products mainly from the green beauty realm. I also love discovering new (to me!) brands and showcasing those brands that really resonate with me. There is real magic in that, and it is this very magic and marvel that I wish to convey to you through my writing. But fear not, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns here. As much as I swoon over products that have worked fabulously well for me, I also share my experience of those that didn’t.

Unless specified, I purchase everything reviewed here myself. I consider myself very fortunate to have been generously gifted some products (and you must know that I only accept them from brands whose skincare philosophies align with my own, I will denote those with a *) but my thoughts and opinions are always mine. I’m not about to get swayed by a bunch of free stuff, trust me!

There is nothing I love more than connecting with other skincare enthusiasts or anyone in the beauty realm, so I would love for you to drop me an email at seoulfull_star@hotmail.com. I must say this, my blog is a true labour of love, I really do pour everything I have in my writing but as a full time dentist, I like to keep this a fun and happy place with no pressure to churn out reviews.

Much love,

Zarah xxx

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