Seoulfull Conversations: Nassima @beaussima

Today on ‘Seoulfull Conversations with…’ we have the gorgeous and utterly charming and charismatic Nassima from @beaussima. Nassima is mama to the MOST DISHY baby on IG, Leila.  I’m sure everyone in the Instagram Skincare Community has cooed over this little beauty. Is there anything yummy mummy Nassima can’t do? She’s got her finger in ALL the pies; she’s a teacher (noblest career in the world if you ask me, I’m sure the parents amongst us will agree!), previous beauty intern, model for a myriad of campaigns (her pretty face has graced the websites of Trinny London and Josh Wood amongst others), domestic goddess (have you seen those sexy empanadas she makes?), amateur professional dancer (talking about Kitchen Karaoke…) and party planner (she executed Baby’s Leila’s live Instagram 1st Birthday party to perfection and even baked her a carrot cake) How does she do it all, honestly she’s Mummy Goals!

I hope you enjoy this interview with Nassima!

A little bit more about me… I’m in my new home in London with my husband, baby Leila and dog. We literally completed and moved in just as the coronavirus hit the UK so we were very lucky with our timing!

The first thing I do when I wake up is…cuddle with the baby then open up a baby recipe book and attempt a new breakfast dish for Leila. It usually ends up on the floor with the dog hoovering it up 99% of the time.

My morning skincare routine is… always quick because I’m not a morning person. I usually just cleanse with my A Florence Hydrating Gel Cleanser or The Inkey List Salicylic Acid Cleanser. Then, depending on time, I will use a serum – right now it’s Good Molecules Hyaluronic Acid followed by a moisturiser, currently using Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Moisturiser. Finally, if I’m going out, I wear my SPF. I am loving the Eucerin SPF50 Pigment Control. 

Nassima’s favourite morning cleansers from A.Florenceskincare and The Inkey List
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How I’m spending my days… as we are still in the process of settling in, we always have something to do around the house. Also having a one year old keeps us busy the rest of the time. I try to keep some time to try a new recipe every day, as I love cooking and it helps me destress. I try to also fit in a workout 3 days a week either from Youtube or IG live. Having said that, I have zero routine and no intention of creating one. I think it will cause more stress so I prefer to take every day as it comes.

How I’m staying fit… I am trying to but again, without any pressure as that takes the fun away. I’ve been enjoying joining @bodybyciara’s IG live workouts or sometimes I like to follow Popsugar fitness videos which are really good. I also love MadFit’s videos as she works out to the beat of a song, which is super fun. We have a dog so a daily walk is mandatory and also so important and beneficial.

My OOTD consists of…tracksuit bottoms I ordered especially for this quarantine (haha). I do try and dress up to go to the supermarket so occasionally I will wear makeup but it’s been nice giving my hair a break from styling and heating tools.

Lately, I’ve taken up… cooking and baking! I have always loved being in the kitchen but as I never have time, I usually stick to the same recipes. I have loved cooking every meal from scratch and perfecting my skills (well, trying).

How I’m really feeling…homesick which is a weird feeling as I am at home. But not being able to see my friends and family makes me feel homesick, like I’ve moved to another country. Otherwise, I take each day as it come. I try not to feel anxious as I don’t think it will help the situation at this time.

Currently binge watching…Grey’s Anatomy, The Stranger and I am TRYING to get into La Casa De Papel but I just can’t seem to!

I love watching and listening to…The Home Edit is so fun to watch – I love watching them transform regular homes with their super organising skills. I love listening to the Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast for some reassurance that I’m not totally messing up this motherhood thing. And I love watching beauty empties on Instagram stories – there aren’t enough of these!

My guilty pleasure is…eating a Snickers ice cream bar every night before bed. Haha.

I’m so grateful family, my home and my health. We have food, wifi and a roof over our head – what else do we need?

What are your favourite ways to connect with friends or family you aren’t seeing at the moment? Whatsapp group chats and video calls. I speak to everyone whilst I’m cooking! I also learnt a few Moroccan recipes via Whatsapp video with my aunt in Marrakech

My comfort food will forever be…avocado on toast with feta cheese topped with chilli flakes. I like making a really quick one pot dish of lentils and potato, with onion, curry powder and turmeric. Easy and nutritious. 

My night time skincare routine begins with… a gel/oil cleanser – I am loving the Eucerin Milk & Peel gel-oil cleanser. I like to use a toner, serum, and an oil. Currently loving the Leahlani Champagne Serum. Then I like to add a thick moisturiser before I sleep. I’ve also starting using a lash serum – using the NYK1 one at the moment.

Nassima’s favourite serum Leahlani’s Champagne Serum
Image via

What is the one skincare product that you are absolutely loving right now. Serum oils – I think the hybrid is perfect for skin that has been cooped up indoors.

One luxury item I cannot live without at the moment is...a bath oil. Such a treat to soak and relax even for just 10 minutes to shut out the drama of the world right now.

After isolation, I cannot wait to… sort my nails, eyebrows and hair out. Have brunch at Megan’s and then dinner in Wagamama (can you tell I’m obsessed). This is all after hosting a housewarming and belated first birthday party for Leila!

What’s keeping me sane at the moment..keeping busy. And Disney Plus!

My advice for everyone right now…take each day as it comes. Make vague plans but try not to religiously stick to them. One day at a time. And stop watching the news.

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