Earthwise Beauty’s Resiliency Face Serum Review

Earthwise Beauty Resiliency Face Serum Review

I will be honest in saying that I have been wanting to share my review of Earthwise Beauty’s Resiliency Face Serum, featured in December’s Boxwalla perhaps a day or two after experiencing this gorgeous pink aloe based elixir. Ava Zhan, founder of Earthwise Beauty is truly someone I admire. She is masterful in taking what she calls ‘alive, unrefined, plant-based ingredients’ and transforming them into the most exquisite, potent skincare potions, very much loved in the green beauty community. However, as a self respecting skincare blogger, I resisted and instead observed with great interest how my skin responded to using Resiliency over a 3 week period.

As a neophyte to the Earthwise Beauty line, I turned (as I often do) to a brand’s About page. I have read the most beautifully penned reviews and earnestly watched many Youtube videos akin to poetry dedicated to all of Ava’s creations but generally I am always happy to read a brand founder’s personal blog, as I take great pleasure in reading those and you get a glimpse of who they really are. You just get a sense of what the brand stands for and what drives them. I stumbled on a blog post entitled ‘Is Earthwise Beauty the Right Fit for You?’ in which Ava describes the process of ingredient selection, formulating and what sets her apart in the green beauty sphere. It’s a fascinating read that I urge you to check out. I was especially moved by one of her earlier posts from 2015 ‘Contemplating, as I Make a New Batch of Carrot-a-Day’ (Carrot-a-day is Resiliency’s antecedent name) where she describes her meditative process of hand mixing this gorgeous serum in a ceramic bowl and how she thinks of the people her creations go to and who enjoy her handmade products. It is such a candid account and her genuineness and thoughtfulness just struck a cord, how can you not experience magic using her line?

I must confess, when I first read that Resiliency was a fast absorbing gel, I wasn’t intuitively drawn to it especially as I felt it was perhaps more geared towards oilier and more acne prone skin types (I suffer the monthly cystic whopper sadly, but I wouldn’t say I am especially acne prone) And so I would like to share my experience of Resiliency as someone whose pressing skin concerns are dullness, brown spots with a touch of elasticity loss and who yearns for a more radiant complexion.


The scent is not for the faint of heart, to me it smells just like Tequila (not something I am about to complain about, I’m a bit like Meredith Grey when it comes to Tequila) and I have read that some people do not get on with this. However, I would like to say this, Ava has described the scents of her powerful botanical potions as ‘deep’ and I could not agree more. To me, this is just a testament to the most exquisite, fresh ingredients Ava chooses to use and the potency of these botanical extracts, essential oils and absolutes as well as to the fact that they are minimally processed and this natural scent is simply hard to suppress.  I am always fascinated by how quickly our noses can adapt and over time and now as I open this gorgeous apothecary style jar, I revel in it is deliciously carrot, herbaceous scent and I know my skin is in for a treat. The more I use Resiliency, the more I grow to love its strong, earthy aroma.  

Resiliency Serum Texture


Texture is clearly at the heart of Ava’s masterpieces, products needs to be effective but she also feels that they need to appeal. This delicate pink texture aloe based gel doesn’t simply appeal, it magnificently delights. Ava is clearly a master formulator, as the texture of Resiliency is quite simply splendid; lightweight yet somehow managing to be decadent and immediately soothing.  As someone who generally dislikes cold sensation or gels on her face (my skin errs on the dry skin and I like comforting balms and thicker unctuous creams that envelop my skin like blanket), I’m mysteriously addicted and totally enamoured with that immediate cooling effect, a sensation that is pleasantly heightened if you choose to store in the fridge as suggested on the website. I also love the plumped, hydrated feel it provides me .


Resiliency boasts a plethora of utterly lovely ingredients, extracted to preserve their freshness, integrity, scent and colour. The base is aloe and but the real star of the show is carrot seed essential oil famed for its skin-tissue-regenerating ingredients as well as sun-damage-preventing and correcting properties. German blue chamomile is also included, as it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and serves to reduce skin irritation and redness, as well as helichrysum (Italian everlasting) which is helpful in scar reduction and wrinkle reversal. Finally, a touch of spearmint gives Resiliency its cooling and de puffing quality.

Resiliency and Yasuni balm part of Boxwalla Box


I’ve been blown away by Resiliency. I marvel at the immediate results, how it makes my skin feel so hydrated and so plump, and radiant.  Slightly de-puffing, it is the perfect addition to my morning routine and and utterly comforting at night before layering on my heavier potions. I feel it also performs beautifully as an under eye gel and I am seeing a reduction in fine lines. I have to admit, I am very generous in using this product and this is how I feel it performs best.

Resiliency Serum Texture

At the same time, I have come to really appreciate how it has magically transformed my skin over time.  My skin is always plagued by redness (inevitable and worse in winter) but since introducing Resiliency in my routines, I definitely see less irritation and redness, which I credit to the impressive blend of ingredients. And indeed this beautiful concoction does make my skin more…well…resilient. Although I was initially not drawn to this product, I feel it does benefit even more mature, sensitive skin types. Coincidentally, I have not any hormonal spots this month (I can’t credit it to this only because I am more militant with BHA these days but I do feel it had a part to play).

 My wish is to procure everyone I know with an unlimited supply of this gorgeous serum so that you may all experience the magic of Resiliency.  I would love for this to be part of my skincare repertoire forever. Thank you  to Lavanya from Boxwalla for this impeccable choice, this is my first box and I have been elated by its contents and now put my full trust in your spectacular skincare curations and await more exciting skincare discoveries in upcoming boxes.  I have succumbed to the magic of Earthwise Beauty  and I am elated that Resiliency was my first taster of this lovely brand. I absolutely cannot wait for my skin to experience more from you! I believe you are still able to purchase this box from Boxwalla as a one time box and I assure you, you will not be disappointed!

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