Afternoon tea with Femmue (Brand Review)

As much as I am enamoured by my recent foray into the natural and green skincare realm, Korean skincare was my first love that ignited what has now become a passion of mine. And so naturally, my interest was piqued when I stumbled on Femmue, a brand that seemingly encompasses the best of those two worlds. This captivating, highly feminine brand, with its refined, elegant packaging and botanical, flower-derived formulations caught my eye over a year ago on Instagram but sourcing the products to the UK proved to be somewhat tricky. I was thrilled when I learnt that Femmue would be available to purchase in the UK, curated by Christine and Sun, the duo behind Keauty Lab who both have impeccable taste in skincare and who strive to bring the very best of Korean skincare to the UK market.

I was even more thrilled to be invited by Christine and Sun to a sumptuous afternoon tea experience in a plush hotel in South Kensington, London to meet the Founder of Femmue, Kelly Chung as she introduced her wonderful line to the UK. It’s always such a pleasure to meet a brand founder in person and truly my honour to talk more and highlight a brand that captivates me.

Gorgeous afternoon tea at The Kensington

Femmue was founded in 2015, conceptualized by Kelly after being introduced to flower arranging. She very soon became convinced of the therapeutic benefits of flowers, their ability to enhance quality of life and transform emotions. Kelly decided to harness the power of flowers and botanicals to create a line of products and hence the concept of “Flower Therapy” for skin. She utilized rose, camellia  (hailing from Jeju Island, the Hawaii of South Korea), jasmine, and lavender, all carefully extracted to preserve their potency to create luxurious, decadent but still highly result-driven and efficacious products.

Kelly showcasing her flower-inspired line

The afternoon itself unfolded beautifully, Kelly introduced us to her range and it felt somewhat like a Debutante ball as each gorgeous product was being presented to the world. I got to swatch, sniff and experience the products first hand and they truly are just as luxurious as they seem. Every product is unctuous in texture, delicately and naturally scented by flowers and the gorgeous colours and beautiful packaging simply add to the experience. Kelly has created a line that really touches you, that encourages you to add a little luxury in your life and allows you to enjoy a few moments of self indulgence, going way beyond mere skincare.

I can’t help but notice the little touches that make her products special, her clay mask still remains gentle, her Vitamin C serum is formulated for sensitive skin as it utilises a derivative, one of her oils she created is for her husband.

Gypsy Rose Calming Mask

I loved listening to all these tidbits and stories throughout the afternoon. Sun and Christine have incredible taste and it really excites me that they have brought this lovely brand to the UK. Everyone was gifted an extremely generous goodie bag containing the Super Fine Camellia Mist and minis of the Ideal Oil and Lumiere Vital C serum.

Superfine Camellia Mist
With Christine and Sun from KeautyLab and Kelly

If you want to experience natural skincare, with delicious textures, beautiful packaging and gorgeous colours, Femmue needs to be part of your collection. You can shop for the bestsellers from Femmue right here

This post contains gifted products*

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