A love letter to May Lindstrom (Brand oveRview)

May Lindstrom needs no introduction in the green beauty realm. I delayed writing my haul post for the longest time simply because finding befitting words to truly describe the magic of May Lindstrom proved elusive to me and I knew I just had to do this sumptuous line of skincare (and the person behind the skincare!) justice. Yes, because this is truly what her skincare line is. Magical. Bewitching. Highly addictive. Soothing. Ritualistic. These are the words I use to describe May Lindstrom skincare. But you cannot talk about those sumptuous products without paying homage to the gorgeous human being who has skilfully and lovingly crafted them. Some people have an aura about them, something special and you can tell right away with May. I urge you to watch her interviews on Youtube here, here and here, you’ll be mesmerised I guarantee. Her soul is beautiful and that permeates in everything she says about skincare and appreciating yourself as well as in everything she makes. There is a touch of magic in all her delicious concoctions. May takes self-care to a whole other level and my goal in this blog post is to take you on a special journey with me, from finding out about the products, to making my purchase and to finally receiving the goodies. When skincare has the ability to evoke certain emotions and tug at your heartstrings, I feel there is great power in that.

My first encounter with May Lindstrom was through the Blue Cocoon, gifted to me by an Instagram friend and to say that I fell head over heels with that delicious balm is an understatement. I was hooked, my obsession for this unique cerulean blue balm led me to visit her website and I was in skincare heaven, all my senses tantalised. Her website leaves me a little breathless. (come on skincare addicts out there, I know I can’t be the only one right?) I was instantly captivated and awestruck by the gorgeous layout, the alluring product names intrigued me, those product shots and textures gave me goose bumps, reading about her ethically sourced ingredients made my heart flutter just a little as I dreamt of all the goodness my skin would be subject to. I poured over and obsessed over every single beautifully penned sentence on that website. I knew it was just going to be a matter of time until I caved, the prices being the only deterrent. Serendipitously, May had an incredibly generous offer some time ago, a free Jasmine Garden mist if you spent over $200 and I still hesitated because, being UK based, I had been burnt in the past by shipping and additional taxes from the US. But in true genuine May fashion when I expressed my concerns on a Instagram post, she told me that all costs are calculated on purchase on their website to include shipping and taxes so there are no nasty surprises. My birthday was just around the corner and so I thought, why not.

And so came the monumental ( and utterly delightful) task of choosing what would finally be mine. I deliberated for so long but in the end, I opted for Honey Mud (a blend of cacao, pure earth, raw and sticky honey), Pendulum Potion (it caught my eye, as I love indulgent oil cleansers on those days when I crave a bit of luxury for my skin) and that beautiful handmade ceramic masque treatment bowl which doubles up as a wine goblet, tea mug, or catchall for jewellery. May also includes two very generous sample sizes when you order directly from her (it was always going to be Blue Cocoon and the Problem Solver really piqued my interest)

The Pendulum Potion

Order placed, it arrived promptly by DHL and I couldn’t contain my excitement when I received my beautifully and carefully packaged box as well as a lovely hand written note, addressed personally to me, in the most intricate, cursive handwriting. The simple, yet breathtakingly  elegant boxes with her signature embossed gold dandelion were a pleasure to open, revealing glossy miron glass bottles that I knew were going to look perfect on my vanity table and bring me so much joy. The whole package radiated love and care. All that anticipation and all that hype surrounding the brand (to me, at least) is well worth it.

Generous samples when you order directly from May Lindstrom’s website

May is a true Beauty Chef and Green beauty Royalty. The whole process was highly enjoyable, I felt like I was part of a special journey with May right from admiring her sumptuous website, to her engagement (she always seems to reply to DM’s on Instagram with such genuineness and warmth), to receiving her lovingly made products. It all felt so intimate and so special, and that is a feeling which sometimes cannot be transcribed into words.

Jasmine Garden Mist, a wonderful free gift with my order
The Honey Mud, a decadent delicious pudding for your face

It is worth saying that May Lindstrom will not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people’s skincare philosophy may not align with hers, and if all you crave is a no nonsense skincare routine (low pH cleanser, a retinoid at night, a vitamin C in the morning, an exfoliating acid), May Lindstrom isn’t going to be for you. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be giving up my retinols or glow inducing vitamin C serums ANYTIME soon, but I need my skincare routines to spark joy and soothe my soul and this is where I justify her products and the high price tag. Because I see the love, the passion, the time and the resources that are poured into making her products.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out I’m pretty smitten and this is not the last time you are going to hear me raving about this gorgeous and unique skincare line.

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