Boxwalla Beauty box december 2020 Review

The very minute I saw Boxwalla’s founder Lavanya magnificent post showcasing her very own personal jar of Resiliency Face Serum, well used and clearly well loved, I knew I had to subscribe. My knees went a little weak reading her beautifully evocative post as she went on to describe that ‘a peach pink, thing of beauty, that was wildly gorgeous, wildly effective made from freshly pressed aloe juice, blue chamomile, carrot seed and helichrysum was being included in December’s curation. You can read my very own review of Resiliency Face serum right here. Spurred by the beautiful reviews I have read about Earthwise Beauty, penned by some amazing bloggers in the green beauty arena and by the fact that they offer the opportunity to receive $174 worth of products for $50 (even with international shipping for $18.95, it’s a pretty sweet deal) I happily subscribed. Each of Lavanya’s  successive posts, in which she meticulously described each of the two star products, highlighting the ingredients, their myriad of skin loving properties and how well they fit into her own personal routine, each beautifully textured shot from Boxwalla themselves as well as from all the brand ambassadors scattered all over the world and finally that poetic portrayal of Yasuni as a product that offered a sense of ‘completeness’  only added to my growing anticipation.

Earthwise Beauty Yasuni Balm

Boxwalla is a bi-monthly subscription box, featuring luxury, plant-based nutrient rich brands and caught my eye well over a year ago. I was not well acquainted with green beauty at that time, however the catchy, quirky name always made me smile. Being of Indian descent myself, I was familiar with the term Boxwalla (meaning box seller) and found it clever and utterly charming.  I love that they describe themselves as ‘drunken boxwallas’ (because you should always be drunk, on wine, poetry or virtue, rephrasing the words of famous French poet Charles Baudelaire, when he said ‘Enivrez vous!’). Boxwalla curates and edits all beautiful things (naturally I am drawn to their beauty box, however they have book, food and film boxes too) and and they fill their boxes with all the wonderful things that they are itching for the world to experience for themselves. Passionate advocates of beauty and independent artisans, they are truly telling a story.

And that story first begins with the boxes themselves and their provenance, carefully crafted from tree-free handmade paper fashioned by a small company in India from cotton scraps, using the traditional art of paper-making and who have been practicing this art for generations.

Boxwalla Beauty Box Review

Right away, you get an inkling that something truly special awaits you inside. And then comes the beautiful accompanying card, an ode to the chosen brand and products and how to incorporate them into you routines to achieve the best possible results.

Earthwise Beauty Resiliency Face Serum

Boxwalla is truly a subscription box that speaks to me, I love how they feature some spectacular brands, they definitely have their finger on the pulse and seem to have an inkling as to what products, including brand new releases green beauty lovers are dying to experience. I love how thoughtful their curations are, I love that they are bi-monthly, giving us ample time to enjoy our products without overload, I love the ease of cancellation (not inclined in the least to do that right now) and of course, I love the mind blowing value for money. This truly is a labour of love and it just shines through. As a person with far too much skincare products than she cares to admit, it’s easy to loose that magic, that excitement but Boxwalla has just reignited it. If you are thinking of trying them out, I’m here to tell you to succumb.  

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